Dragon’s greatest fun is destroying villages and eating barbecue.

But Dragoberto is a different dragon.

Dragoberto likes to think up adventures and eat watermelon.

Eating watermelons is not easy for a dragon.

Imagine a dragon spitting out seeds.

Follow Dragoberto’s adventure in search of a faraway land, where watermelons are seedless.


48 scenes in 14 interactive pages

Story in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Narration in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

And you can mix them up!

Narration on/off

Soundtrack and sound effects on/off


ALFREDO STAHL is on fire! He uses the right verbs. He weights his words. Sometimes not in the expected way, but in his peculiar style. His short stories have a distinct pace and play with the reader.

It is one of what I like to call “quicksand writers” – when you realize, you are already in danger. And now, ALFREDO STAHL shows a new facet, but still in his accurate repertoire. Still in his unique way of creating a narrative. It is a delicious surprise this DRAGOBERTO character he has created. Alfredo presents us this watermelon eating dragon with such grace!

And what about the animation?

The body they’ve given to this amazing story. Full of humor. Another great side of this author. That continues to spit fire. And calling us to face his game. Are you joining him? I am.

Marcelino Freire, Writer


The artist Bia Bittencourt like to call technique she has used to give life to Dragoberto as “lo-fi”. Created from magazine clippings, glued in the format of the scenes and characters, photographed and animated in stop motion, Dragoberto’s art is a work that unifies tradition with technology. Owner of the new and ficticious production company Ursinho Trovão, Bia has a dog called Pogo and a fish called Bacon.

I am already in love with Dragoberto; can’t wait to enter in his life and join his adventures! How crazy and lovable he is! What an emotive and creative artwork.

Taciana Barros, Pequeno Cidadão


Billy is always my first choice when I need a sound idea to take a job to a next creative level. His work always surprises me for the quality and inovation.

Raphael Vasconcellos
Director of Creative Solutions for Latin America, Facebook

Simone will notice everything anyone else will forget. She makes Bubbledot this great agency of small details, of the last polish, always in search of perfection.
And try to give her less than that!

Elisa Sassi, Digital Artist.


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